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Is it Possible to Expunge a DUI From Your Records?

Posted - 06/08/2012

If an old drunken driving arrest is making it difficult for you to find employment, obtain insurance or causing other problems, it may be possible to have it expunged from your record. Most states allow for a DUI arrest to be removed from your criminal record in certain circumstances, although every state has variations of what you must do to apply for the removal of your conviction. Before you start the process, it is important to know and understand the laws in your particular state. The majority of states that allow for a DUI to be expunged from your record require that you have never spent any time in prison, have never been convicted of a felony and are not currently on probation. If you meet these requirements, your next step is to obtain the proper forms from your local law enforcement agency. You will then need to complete all required information in full and pay a fee to the local court. The forms that you completed must be returned to the municipality where your arrest originated. A judge will then decide whether you are eligible to have the DUI arrest removed from your record. For further assistance, contact a professional DUI lawyer.
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